This book highlights the display applications of c-axis aligned crystalline indium–gallium–zinc oxide (CAAC-IGZO), a new class of oxide materials for thin film semiconductor devices. CAAC-IGZO has been co-developed by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory to dramatically lower the power consumption of high-end displays.

SEL successfully fabricated CAAC-OS prototype backplane, and the company demonstrated several novel CAAC-OS AMOLEDs, including a foldable OLED (together with Nokia), a 13.3" 8K (664 PPI) AMOLED, a 81" 8K tiled flexible OLED and a hybrid OLED-reflective-LCD prototype. In May 2016 Japan Display announced it will co-develop next-gen CAAC-IGZO backplane technologies with SEL.

The book offers the latest IGZO data, introduces different different oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor designs and their impact on the reliability and performance of LCDs and OLED displays, reviews fundamentals and presents device architectures for high-performance and flexible OLED displays and explains how oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors drastically can improve resolution and lower power consumption of LCDs.