Philips working on 3rd-gen GL350 panels (300 lumens, 55 lm/W)

Philips hosted an OLED lighting webinar on August 31. Ingolf Sischka, Philips' OLED Product & Marketing Manager explained about OLED lighting, its advantages compared to other lighting technologies and Philips' current and future offerings. Towards the end of his presentation (27:45), he discusses what's to be expected from Philips in 2014, and he details the upcoming 3rd-gen GL350 panel that will be unveiled towards the end of 2013.

The Gen 2 panel offered 200 lumens and 45 lm/W. The new upcoming panel will feature 300 lumens and 55 lm/W - so it will be brighter and more efficient (this is an estimate and not final specifications yet, though). The GL350 Gen-2 is now in production, and I'm guessing that the Gen-3 will enter production sometimes towards the end of 2014.

Posted: Sep 22,2013 by Ron Mertens