Philips starts to sell a new OLED lamp called EDGE

Philips is offering a new OLED lamp (using their Lumiblade OLED panels) for sale, called The Edge. It was developed in collaboration with Established & Sons (Amanda Levete). According to Philips: "The EDGE is a flat ribbon of steel twisted into a self-supporting form. A groove is then cut into the steel, off center, to allow the cable to be expressed and to exaggerate the movement of the piece. With this project, Amanda Levete has succeeded in revealing the wafer-thin essence of OLEDs and creating a light that is completely reductive in its simplicity".

The EDGE OLED lampThe EDGE OLED lamp

Philips will also start to sell another OLED lamp soon, The O'Leaf. This one was developed in collaboration with Modular Lighting Instruments. In O'Leaf, the form of the fixture is based on the organic shapes. It can be used as a table-lamp (shown below) or fixed on the wall.

Philips O Leaf OLED lampPhilips O Leaf OLED lamp

Posted: May 18,2010 by Ron Mertens