Philips reduces OLED lighting prices, offers new GL350 starter kit

Philips is going to reduce its large OLED lighting panel prices. All large OLEDs (whether dot, rectangle or tall) will cost only â‚¬86. This is quite a drop - the large rectangular for example currently costs â‚¬269. If you buy two large OLED panels, you'll get the electronics for free.

Philips is also going to release a new starter kit for its new GL350 functional lighting panel. The kit will include three GL350 panels, one short circuit protection (SCP3001), one Xitanium driver and all the required connector cables. The price will be €400.

The GL350 offers 115 lm and is 12.4x12.4 cm in size (155 cm2). It's very homogeneous, but unfortunately not very efficient (only 16.7 lm/W). The luminance is 4,000 cd/m2, the color temperature is 3,250K and the CRI is over 90. The panel's lifetime is 10,000h (L50).

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Posted: Jul 19,2012 by Ron Mertens