The Pixelate lamp (designed by Pablo Alvarez for Birot) is a suspended OLED lamp that is inspired by the undulating movement of a manta ray sliding across the air. The lamp is made from several weaved layers of stainless steel, and each OLED panel has an independent movement. The lamp uses Philips' GL350 gen-2 OLED panels (3250K, >90CRI, 33 lm/W)

The Pixelate is available in three sizes:

  • 6x6 pixels (780x780 mm), 6 GL350 panels (1,200 lumens): $2,550
  • 7x7 pixels (910x910 mm), 9 GL350 panels (1,800 lumens): $4,150
  • 8x8 pixels (1040x1040 mm), 12 GL350 panels (2,400 lumens): $7,200

OLED type: 

Lumiblade GL350 panels

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