In March 2012 we posted on Philips' structured or customized OLED. A structured OLED is an OLED lighting panel that includes a pattern (text, or image). Back then Philips said a typical order is about 100 pieces or more because it took them a long time to prepare the production line to make the panels.

Now Philips have apparently upgraded their process, and now they offer new "artwork" panels - structured white OLED square tiles (60 x 60 mm, white). Each panel costs €120 (including the driver and power supply) and delivery time is eight weeks. You simply send them your jpeg and they prepare the panel. Nice.

Above you can see samples of more structured Lumiblades. Currently if you want to buy a single self-designed panel you are limited to the white square, but Philips actually offers customized versions of all Lumiblade panels - for large sized orders though.

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