Philips launched a new OLED lighting sales campaign today, offering Brite FL300 OLED Lumiblades for just 60 Euros a piece. The 40 panel package sells for €2,400. The current price for a single FL300 panel is €136, so this is a a discount of over 50%.

Philips 40 FL300 ad photo

Philips tells us that with this package the want to make it easier for smaller OEMs to make their first steps into OLED lighting, and they see this enabling Philips OLED luminaires dropping below the €400 price level.

Philips also tells me that this campaign is another step towards moving OLEDs to the mass market, which Philips expects by the end of 2016 or early 2017 at the latest.



10x10 mm OLED panels

So that means I need to buy at least 40 pieces to have it in price of €60? I just googled and you can buy LG-Chem's same OLED (with even better CRI and efficacy) for the same price but for one piece (at MARITEX). Buying bigger quantities is even way cheaper! wtf Philips?

Brightness & Lifetime, link to offer

what is the rated brightness and lifetime of the LGChem panel you can find at Maritex compared to the Philips panel and can you please post a link where to buy?

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