Philips launched a new OLED lighting panel, the Lumiblade SI210.105, aimed towards signage and emergency lighting applications. This panel is 210x105 mm in size and only 2.5 mm thin, and features a luminance of 800 cd/m2, a color temperature of 4,500K and a lifetime of over 5 years (presumable with continuous operation).

Philips tells us that they see a real market for OLED lighting in emergency lighting. In fact ETAP already launched the world's first OLED emergency lighting product, the K4, and indeed they use the SI210.105 panel. Philips are now offering the panel for other OEMs. The OLED itself is a white OLED, and the OEM inserts a thin film with the graphics on top.

As you can see above, an OLED sign offers a much more homogeneous and direct output compared to LED-based signs. Philips says the OLED offers significantly improved visibility – up to 20 meters.

The SI210.105 is now available for €350. You can view the product brochure here.

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