Philips aims to launch OLED TVs in 2016

During an event in Europe, Philips announced it plans to launch their first OLED TV in Europe later this year. The company said that the first model will probably be a flat 55" model - although this hasn't been decided yet.

Philips/TPVision OLED vs LCD demonstration

Philips' TV brand is now being handled by TP Vision, which actually made the demonstration in Brussels. TPV demonstrated an OLED panel prototype next to an LCD to show how the OLED image quality surpasses the LCD panel.

TPVision will use OLED panels produced by LG Display (the two companies started developing OLED TVs together back in 2012) - and TPVision said they will use LGD's newest panels - that will feature 4K resolution and HDR. The Philips/TPV OLEDs will use Philips' advanced image processing - which will give it an advantage over LG's own OLED TVs, according to Philips. The price will be either similar or higher to LG's OLED TVs.

Posted: Feb 18,2016 by Ron Mertens