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Park Systems Corp, a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy systems, announced that it has scaled up its AFM tools for 8-Gen or larger flat panel displays with new Park NX-TSH, based on its Tip Scanning Head technology. According to Park Systems, this is the only automated tip scan head system that can analyze samples larger than 300 mm on the market.

Park NX-TSH is specifically designed for ultra large flat panel display glass and 2D encoders, with integrated micro probe stations for conductive AFM and electric defect analysis. The system can scan up to 100 um x 100 um (x-y direction) and 15 um (z direction), and has a flexible chuck to accommodate samples larger than 300 mm and heavier than 1 Kg, and is so engineered for OLED, LCD and other large sample analysis.

Park Systems’ Park NX-TSH is based on a conductive AFM tip, which can be used to measure the electrical properties of the sample by supplying current through the probe stations. The Park NX-TSH system optionally supports Park’s Automatic Tip Exchange (ATX) which enables tip exchanges fully automated to seamlessly continue measurement routines. The system also optionally includes an ionization system, which effectively removes electrostatic charges.

Park Systems NX-TSH photo

Park Systems is an AFM pioneer and industry leader, with headquarters and R&D in Seoul, Korea and regional offices worldwide including the United States, Germany, UK, France, Singapore, Japan, China and Mexico. The company has installed 1000's of AFM systems globally to date and is used by almost all top 20 semiconductor manufacturers. With Park NX-TSH, it now aims to capture the metrology needs of the OLED display industry.

 Park Systems NX-TSH closeup photo

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes