A few days ago Panasonic announced the company's first OLED TV, the TX-65CZ950 - a curved 65" 4K OLED panel that features Panasonic's 4K Pro tech which includes advanced gradation controls and 3D color look tables. The TV supports HDR and is THX certified - and is based on WRGB (WOLED) panels produced by LG Display.

Panasonic TX-65CZ950 photo

The director of Panasonic's TV business, told CNET that the company expects OLED panel prices to drop, to the point where they are within reach of average consumers in two or three years. He also says that the benefit of the curved shape is "not so big", and consumers prefer flat TVs. In fact he says that Panasonic's next flagship TV will "probably" be flat.

Panasonic is buying its OLED panels from LG Display, but they say that their TV offers a superior image quality because it uses the company's unique signal processor technology and algorithms. Pansonic acknowledges that a direct-emission (RGB) OLED TV will offer an even better picture, but that is obviously not an option at this stage.

Panasonic co-developed OLED TV technologies together with Sony, but that OLED TV joint development project was canceled in December 2013. Panasonic (together with JDI, Sony and the INCJ) formed a new company (JOLED) to develop small/medium OLED panels. But the company OLED TV program is reportedly halted.



but why an rgb oled should

but why an rgb oled should provide better picture than woled ?

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