OTI Lumionics and Dai Nippon Printing collaborate on better EVM masks for OTI's material deposition

Canada-based OTI Lumionics started shipping its 2nd-gen ConducTorr Cathode Patterning Materials (CPM) by the end of 2020 to customers, which are used to create OLED displays with under-the-display camera and face unlock technologies.

OTI Lumionics materals and transparent display

OTI Lumionics now announced that it signed an agreement with EVM OLED mask maker Dai Nippon Printing. Dai Nippon will optimize its EVM masks for the deposition of OTI's CPM materials.

OTI says that CPM deposition using EVM made with DNP's proprietary microfabrication technology allows panel makers to achieve fine metal patterning with the existing OLED mass-production equipment and process. The new collaboration with further optimize the CPM deposition, "opening additional process options for consumer electronics manufacturers that are developing future OLED products enabled by OTI’s CPM".

As a result of this collaboration, DNP has developed a cleaning process for CPM. This provides customers with a new option for a potentially faster and more efficient EVM cleaning protocol at CPM deposition cycles during OLED panel production processes. The solutions for the use of EVM with CPM will be available from DNP in the "near future".

We posted an interview with OTI Lumionics's CEO in 2021.

Posted: May 09,2022 by Ron Mertens