OTI Lumionics Aerelight OLED desk lamp now shipping for $299

In September 2014 OTI Lumionics unveiled their first product, the Aerelight OLED desk lamp - which is finally shipping for $299. The lamp is a high-end luminaire that uses a single OLED panel to provide 1,000 lux. It is made from an anodized aluminum frame that responds to touch, for intuitive power and dimming control. It also features a built-in wireless charging pad to charge all of your Qi compatible mobile devices.

In February 2015 OTI received a $4.55 million USD grant from the Canadian government to build an OLED lighting pilot production line in Canada. The company says that the new line will enable them to produce large flexible OLED lighting panels.

Last year we posted an article explaining the company's technology and business model. The company aims to build a small-scale OLED fab, that works "on demand" and offers customized production, which means that the OLED panel is tailored to the final application.

Posted: Sep 05,2015 by Ron Mertens