Osram unveils the world's first commercial OLED product for automobiles

OSRAM announced a new OLED lamp for car interiors - the OLED Reading Light. This is a single OLED lighting panel placed in a high-quality matt aluminum housing that provides a very warm (3300 kelvin) and uniform light. This is an after-market product, with a clip at the back of the panel enables it to be attached to the sun visor. It can be charged via a USB cable.

OSRAM says that OLED lighting is ideal for applications in which the eyes have to focus on one point for a long time thanks to its homogeneous light that does not dazzle or cast shadows. Unfortunately OSRAM did not reveal the OLED panels' spec, but they do provide a 5-year guarantee so it means that the lifetime and stability is probably quite good.

OSRAM will ship the OLED Reading Light in a limited edition in the fall of 2015, and it will cost 199€ ($258). This is a very expensive reading light! You will be able to buy it at ShopYourLight.com and other places.

Osram says this is the world's first commercial OLED lighting product for the automobile industry. Technically they may be right, although what we're really looking forward is for OLED lighting to come installed in a commercial car - as taillights or inside lighting. Several companies are already in advanced talks to supply OLED lighting products for automobiles, and it is estimated that the first OLED-equipped car will arrive in 2016 or 2017.

Posted: Sep 16,2014 by Ron Mertens