Osram unveils the second generation Orbeos panel featuring 40 lm/W

Osram unveiled their second generation OLED lighting panel, the square Orbeos SDW-058. The new panel (which is built in the new pilot production line in Regensburg) is more efficient at 40 lm/W (up from around 25 lm/W), and it's also larger (119x119 mm). We do not have more information about the new panels yet.

Osram also unveiled a new connector system - a plug&play solution for Orbeos panels. Osram says this is the first step toward a standardized contact system for OLED components. Just one click is need to connect all Orbeos panels (both mechanically and electrically). The new system also allows to connect two Orbeos panels back to back.

I haven'd had to chance to see those new panels in person, but here's my November 2009 review of the first generation round Orbeos panels.

Posted: Apr 19,2012 by Ron Mertens