Osram is showing a model "Light House' to showcase OLED lighting. OSRAM are using thin, flexible and even transparent OLEDs, applying them to all sorts of surfaces - windows, ceilings and floors:

OSRAM light house modelOSRAM light house model


OSRAM Lighting in house

UDC has been showing this king of house mockup for years, yes years. So this is really not anything to be excited about.

The OLED Lighting House by

The OLED Lighting House by OSRAM is many years old too. It was shown already on many fairs and events. I don't no why this is a topic here again.

I think it's the first time
I think it's the first time this is available online, and it's the first time I saw it ;-)

OSRAM architectural OLED demo

Maybe the INGO MAURER luminaire was more important than this architectural demo with the transparent OLED panales. So this demo moves a little bit in the background. I have seen it on the last electronica fair in Germany.


Please come to Asia!
We like you to show case here in China. We have the market size and users welcome new technologies.
In Europe, people said it is no news. Perhaps it is time for you to bring over the technologies and let us turn the concept into real applications.

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