OSRAM Announced a new five-year strategic plan that includes a €2 billion investment in current and future lighting applications - including lasers, LEDs and OLEDs for automobiles.

BMW concept M4 GTS OLED closeup

OSRAM says that their automotive OLED lighting panels will enter mass production in early 2016. OSRAM is the OLED supplier of BMW's M4 GTS taillights. The M4 GTS will enter limited-edition (700 units) production and may be considered the first commercial car with OLED lighting.

OSRAM estimates that the market for automotive lasers and OLEDs could reach €1.1 billion by 2025.



OLED Tail lights

After seeing OSRAM OLED taillights from inches away( at the OLED World summit)

 - I am certain that the use of OLEDs in cars of all makes will skyrocket in popularity!

They look great, function well and have mesmerizing appearance.

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