OSD announces the release of its new OSD0430WQLC-T a 4.3 inch diagonal WVGA Active Matrix Organic LED (AMOLED) module. This new full color module supports up to 16 million colors with a 24-bit parallel RGB interface. It also can support an 8-bit RGB serial interface.

The module has an overall size of 102.4 x 65.6 x 1.6mm. The 95.04 x 53.85mm active area supports a resolution of 480x272.

The new Active Matrix drive scheme offers many advantages over the previous Passive Matrix (PMOLED) drive scheme. Compared to full color PMOLEDs, Active Matrix OLEDs can achieve higher typical luminance (200 cd/m2 vs. 90 cd/m2), a better contrast ratio (10000:1 vs. 1000:1). and have lower overall power consumption

AMOLEDs also feature 170 degree viewing angles and temperature independent response time of less than 50uS. The fast response time coupled with frame rates of 60Hz allows flicker free images over the entire operating temperature range.

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