OSD is releasing a new 5.5" 256-64 PMOLED display - which is a monochrome green graycale panel (16 levels of grayscale).


The display features the Solomon Systech driver IC that supports 8-bit 6800/8080 Parallel or 3-/4-wire SPI data interface. Overall panel size is 146.0mm(H) x 45.0mm(V) x1.6mm(D). Viewing area is 135.65mm(H) x 33.89mm(V) mm. The OSD Displays OLED panel offers 120cd/m2 typical brithness, <10us temperature independent response time, >160 degrees vieweing angle) and high contrast ratio (>2000:1), over a wide temperature range from -30C to +70C with less than 500mW typical power consumption.

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