The OQO UMPC Model 2+ is an Ultra-Mobile PC with a 5" touch AMOLED (800x480). Other features include a new Intel Atom processor (1.86Ghz), 2GB of RAM, 120GB H/D, cellular 3G connectivity and it can run Windows Vista or XP. Here's a video showing the Model 2+.

OQO Model 02+OQO Model 02+ photo
OLED type: 

5" touchscreen OLED, 800x480 (WVGA).



Defunct / canceled

OQO has gone out of business, and Samsung has canceled their 5" oled project.

Right and Wrong

OQO is indeed in problems (not sure if they still exist). But Samsung still have a 5" OLED project, you can see it in their site.

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