Omdia: OLED shipments in Q2 2021 will reach 110 million units, details its flexible OLED 2020-2021Q2 estimates

Market research company Omdia says that flexible OLED shipments in Q2 2021 reach 57 million units,a 54.1% increase over Q2 2020 (but a 35% drop compared to Q1 2021, due to seasonality and lower orders by Apple). Rigid OLED shipments will reach 53 million units in Q2 2021.

The leading flexible OLED maker is Samsung Display, which will ship 39.1 million flexible OLED panels in Q2 2021 (a 61.6% increase over Q1 2020). LG Display will ship 10.6 million units of flexible OLEDs, an increase of 55.9% over last year. The third largest producer, BOE, will ship 7.9 million units, a 31.9% drop from last year, as orders Huawei are shrinking.

Omdia says that CSoT will ship 3.1 million flexible OLED panels, Visionox 2.1 million units and Tianma 1.4 million units. CSoT's OLED shipments will jump 93.8% from Q1 2021, as the company is starting to producing foldable and flexible OLEDs for Xiaomi's latest phones.

Looking back into 2020, Omdia estimates that SDC shipped 205.8 million flexible OLEDs (a 45.1% increase from 2019), LGD shipped 57.77 million units (77% increase from 2021) and BOE shipped 35.6 million units.

Posted: Jun 20,2021 by Ron Mertens