OLUM Material launches its unit-cell FMM technology, to increase OLED production process efficiency

Korea-based OLUM Material announced a new FMM technology for OLED production, which the company refers to as Unit-Cell FMM, which enables high-efficiency deposition (and patterning) of evaporated OLED materials.

Olum Material unit cell FMM photo

The basic idea is to use a small FMM unit in front of every display panel, rather than a large FMM in front of the entire substrate. A large mask is useful for very fast production, but the large masks tend to sag and deform and so FMM production is limited in size.

OLUM says that its method, overall, is much faster than standard FMM, as the FMM is attached much faster to the substrate, and it also increases production yields and can achieve very high display densities (resolution). Finally, the masks can be made half as thin as regular FMM which also increases the efficiency and accuracy of the deposition process.

OLUM says that its Unit-Cell FMM masks are suitable for substrate up to 6-Gen in size

Posted: Apr 12,2021 by Ron Mertens