OLEDWorks logoUniversal Display (UDC) logoOLEDWorks and Universal Display signed an OLED technology license agreement. OLEDWorks was granted license rights to manufacture and sell phosphorescent OLED lighting products. OLEDWorks will pay UDC an upfront license fee and running royalties.

OLEDWorks, established in July 2010 by former Kodak OLED business experts, is a US-based OLED lighting maker (the only OLED lighting producer in the US). The company developed a proprietary low-cost production process. In 2013 the company successfully completed its Series A fund raising, and the company received three DoE grants (see here, here and here) to further develop is OLED technology.

In July 2014, Acuity Brands unveiled new use cases for its Marker OLED luminaire, which uses Amber OLED panels made by OLEDWorks. The Amber OLED panel emits light at a 590 nm peak, and has a fixed luminance of 600 cd/m2. Those OLEDs are free of blue wavelengths - which disrupt circadian rhythms. Acuity Brands says these features makes it ideal for night lighting in healthcare applications.