OLEDs in CES 2009 - what can we expect?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will begin in a week or so (9th of January). In previous years we have seen many new OLED product annoncements in this conference, and I guess this year will be exciting as well.

So what can we expect this year?


Sony is said to be launching their 27" OLED TV (the XEL-2?) by May 2009, so we'll definitly see an advance prototype or even a product announcement at CES.

Sony 27" OLED prototype at CES 2008

Samsung has said that they are "delaying" their OLED TVs, but we're still likely to see their 40" HD OLED TV, and also their 31" panels on show, maybe with some updates on release plans (currently slated for 2009 or 2010).

Samsung 40" HD-AMOLED TV Prototype

Other companies that might show new OLED TVs include LG (lately they have been showing their 19" OLED TV), CMEL (with their new MEM technology), Panasonic and perhaps TMDisplay as well.

25 OLED prototype by CMEL25" OLED prototype by CMEL (FPD 2008)

Medium and Small OLED panels

Samsung has been showing their 14.1" AMOLED panels for a long time now. They have previously claimed these will be available by 2009 or 2010. They might officially announce them at CES. This will be most interesting, as these panels might be superb for laptops!

Samsung Electronics 14" OLED prototype

Small AMOLEDs are now common place, but we always welcome more new panels. Currently CMEL is making the largest available panel - 7.6". We might hear of larger ones from CMEL and perhaps from Samsung too.


We except to see a lot of new devices using the new AMOLED panels, in sizes 3" and 4". Mobile phones, PMPs, digital photo frames and other gadgets. 

There are rumors that Sony will release a new walkman with a large touchscreen 3" AMOLED display, we'll have to wait and see on that one.

Sony touchscreen AMOLED player

CMEL's 7.6" panels are available for quite some time now, with only one device using them (Kodak's digital photo frame). It's about time we'll hear of new gadgets using these beautiful, larger displays. 

Kodak wireless OLED picture frameKodak wireless OLED picture frame


We have seen some great flexible and transparent displays, mostly from Samsung. I'm not sure if CES is the right place to announce new prototypes, but it'll be nice to catch a glimpse of those beautiful new technologies. 

Samsung 0.05mm 'flapping' 4" AMOLED prototype

Samsung has been showing flexible and transparent display lately, so hopefully we'll see some new prototypes. 

Posted: Dec 29,2008 by Ron Mertens