OLEDNet has published an article on OLED TVs. They basically say that the technology to make OLED TV is getting ready - but companies (such as Samsung and LG) need to be ready for huge investments. They claim that if OLED 3D TV production won't start by 2013, it might miss the 3D TV bandwagon altogether.

Sony 24.5-inch 3D TV prototype

The idea that 3D is a "killer-application" for OLEDs was raised back in January 2010, and since then we heard Samsung, Sony and other company claim that 3D will drive OLED TV growth.



very poor analysis

Well, the OLEDNET analysis is one of the worst articles of such kind I have seen for a long time.

The 2003 comparison is completely ouf of place here. Back then FPD industry changed very quickly. Now LCD is very mature, it still improves and it gets cheaper, bur only very slowly. So OLED has an almost fixed target to compete with. The importance of 3D is greatly overrated. There is lots of marketing hype, but consumers are not that much excited. Most of them will be probably disinterested in 3D even 5 years from now. It is even debatable whether 3D will really dominate in far more distant future.

And one comparison that really matters. Plasma TVs are still quite popular despite higher power consumption, higher weight, limited range of sizes offered and resolution limitations. They sell mostly on image quality and 3D has nothing to do with it. And OLED beats both plasma an LCD in quality.

The truth is OLED has a compelling image quality advantage. Once the prices of OLED TVs get down, OLED will sell well. 3D is a factor of secondary importance. There is no danger of a missed window of opportunity. The real driver for OLED TVs is competition. Samsung and LG clearly see an opportunity to strenghten their positions on the TV market at the expense of mostly Japanese competitors.


I believe that this article is trying to point out that if OLED 3D tvs do not come out by 2013 that the market for such devices will evaporate. With the heavy web buzz of Holographic technology coming out from major companies like apple. http://gizmodo.com/5538261/apples-patent-for-holographic-multitouchable-3d-interfaces-without-stupid-glasses If these tvs do not come out in time there technology may be obsolete. There are also plenty of concepts out there for completely holographic phones and tvs by 2020 (http://www.concept-phones.com/apple/apple-black-hole-concept-iphone-2020/). 

I agree that OLED tvs will still make a big impact in the future and I personally cannot wait for them to be implemented. Will 3d really be the next big decision factor? I do not know. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Lol, there's no 3d

Lol, there's no 3d bandwagon...