BASF logoWith the Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) BASF is opening a research laboratory for organic electronics in Ludwigshafen on September 11. BASF will conduct research at the JIL with both industrial and academic partners into new materials in the field of organic electronics.

At present the JIL researchers are concentrating on organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and organic photovoltaics. OLEDs are flat, thin light-emitting devices made from organic semiconductive materials. As lighting panels, they offer completely new options in lighting technology, such as windows as transparent light sources or credit card sized flashlights. The researchers have calculated that in their current form OLEDs are likely to consume less than half as much power as conventional fluorescent tubes. OLEDs also have a long lifetime.

In this area, BASF Future Business GmbH has launched the project "OLEDs for appliances in the lighting market" (OPAL) together with partners from industry such as OSRAM, Philips, Aixtron AG and Applied Materials. The goal of the project is to create the scientific and technological basis for initiating the production of OLED-based lighting in Germany.
Sponsorship as part of the OLED initiative of the German Ministry of Education and Research

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