South Korea’s Samsung SDI said it target its fledgling active-matrix OLED display business at high-end mobile TV phones when it launches next January. Samsung SDI is scheduled to complete the first line of its $450 million active-matrix OLED plant in Cheonan by the end of this year. The plant will produce the equivalent of 20 million 2 to 2.6-inch displays annually for digital multimedia broadcasting-enabled phones, Samsung said.

"Initially, we will target the mobile TV phone market and then expand the territory to the 40 inch-level television market in two or three years," said Lee Woo-Jong, vice president of Samsung SDI’s Mobile Display Business. "We plan to increase the annual AM OLED production capacity to 100 million units by 2008 to meet an expected strong demand for higher-resolution displays for mobile TV phones."

Samsung SDI claims its 4th-generation AM OLED is the first to use a low-temperature polysilicon base material. AM OLED can switch pixels 10,000 times faster than TFT-LCDs, fast enough to render moving images without ghosting.

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