Sony is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. Sony has been developing OLED technologies for many years and has been one of the pioneers in the field.

In 2007 Sony launched the world's first OLED TV (if you can consider a 11" monitor a TV, the XEL-1 and has been demonstrating flexible/ and rollable OLED prototypes for many years.

Sony had an OLED TV JV with Panasonic that was canceled in 2013, and Sony is also one of the companies behind Japan Display and JOLED. In January 2017 Sony finally launched its first real OLED TV , the XBR-A1E Bravia OLED TV (using panels made by LG Display). Sony is also producing medium/large OLED panels for its professional monitors and also OLED microdisplays. Sony is also using AMOLEDs in its consumer electronics products (for example the PlayStation VR headset and in many of its cameras).

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