Digitimes reports that Nokia has decided that the capability to make AMOLEDs is a condition for the selection of its panel suppliers. Nokia expects AMOLED to play a major role in the market in the future.

Nokia already has OLED displays in a couple of high-end products (the 8800 Art, the 7900 Prism and the 6600). The AMOLED displays are so beautiful that they really make an impact (maybe Nokia also read C|Net's review of the iRiver SPINN)

AU Optronics (AUO) and TPO Display, two panel suppliers for Nokia, are gearing up the development of AMOLED applications, the sources indicated.

TPO said it has a team that has been developing AMOLED, and the company also runs a small test line for the segment. But for volume production to start in the future when its technologies mature, TPO will have to install more equipment, the company added.

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