White OLED panels are starting to appear - and this page lists all available OLED lamps that use OLED panels from OSRAM, Philips, Blackbody and others.

Acuity Brands Olessence

Acuity Brands' Olessence is a suspended luminary for commercial and professional office spaces, which combines OLED and LED light sources (Acuity's Duet-SSL tech). The LEDs offer the primary source of ambient illumination while the OLEDs offer soft and calm diffused lighting for comfortable perceived brightness. The luminaire also supports integrated sensors for daylight dimming and occupancy detection.

Acuity Brands Olessence OLED/LED photo

Acuity offers several device configurations (LEDs at 3000K, 3500K or 4000K and a CRI at 80+ or 90+).

Workrite Ergonomics Natural OLED desk light

The Natural OLED desk light from Workrite Ergonomics is a desk lamp that features a single OLED lighting panel (made by LG Chem). Workrite says that the  320x110 mm OLED panel (N6BB40C) provides a rich, evenly diffused light, renders colors with amazing accuracy (94 CRI) and emits a neutral white light (3900K) that is glare free, UV free and blue light free. The OLED's lifetime is rated at 30,000 hours (LT70) at the lowest brightness setting, and the lamp produces 442 lumens at 13.7 W (32 lm/W) at the maximum brightness setting.

Workrite Ergonomics Natural OLED desk light photo

The Natural will ship in November 2015 for $239.

OLED Handbook

Bernd Unrecht Adjust-S OLED

The Adjust-S series are OLED chandeliers that use LG Chem's square OLED panels. They come in three sizes (3, 6 or 12 OLED panels). The lamps provide 450 - 1800 lumens. These are LG Chem's latest 14x14 cm OLED panels(12.9 x 12.9 active area) that feature a lifetime of 40,000 hours, 60 lm/W and a high CRI (90).

Bernd Unrecht Adjust-S OLED photo

The Adjust-S are now available in Germany for €869 to €9990 (including the 19% German tax).

Pugnale & Nyleve Volker OLED luminaire

The Volker OLED luminaire, designed by Italy's Pugnale & Nyleve, is a large chandelier that has multiple wires dropping from a mirror (stainless steel) top square. The Volker uses 16 Philips Lumiblade OLEDs (GL350, FL300 in the next edition).

Pugnale & Nyleve Volker OLED luminaire photo

The Volker (designed by architect and designer Susan Evelyn Schmidt) is 1.7 m tall and 1 sq meter at the base. The design is inspired by the geometry of the square and the contrast between full and empty, and (despite its large size) it expresses grace and sense of movement.

Acuity Brands Nomi

The Nomi is an OLED sconce from Acuity Brands that uses two rectangular OLED lighting panel (made by LG Chem). The Nomi are set to mimic candles hung on a wall. There are two models, the Nomi Straight and Nomi Curve. The Nomi Curve will adopt a bendable OLED.

Both Nomi sconces will ship in the summer of 2014.

LG OLED desk lamp

LG Electronics' OLED desk lamp uses two LG Chem's flexible OLED lighting panels and can be controlled (via Bluetooth) using a smartphone application. The application can be used to choose one of several light modes (for movies, readying, etc.) or dimming and even turn on or off at a predefined time.

LG OLED desk lamp photo

LG Chem's flexible OLEDs are 210x50 mm in size (0.33 mm thick), and they offer a color temperature of 4,000K, efficacy of 55 lm/W and a brightness of 73 lumens. The CRI is 90 and the lifetime is 40,000 (LT70).

Riva 1920 K BLADE

The K Blade is a new OLED lamp from Italian designer Riva 1920. It is made from New Zealand's Kauri wood and has a single Philips OLED panel. Reportedly the OLED brightness is "over 200 lumens", which is strange as the GL350 Gen-2, Philips' brightest panel, is only 200 lumens bright. Maybe they are using a new panel (the GL350 Gen-3, perhaps? although an earlier report suggested it will feature 300 lumens).

Riva 1920 K BLADE photo

The K Blade is actually an affordable OLED lamp - it costs €560 and I think it is now shipping.

Pugnale & Nyleve Cherub

The Cherub is a luxury lighted "winged sculpture" designed by Italy's Pugnale & Nyleve. The designers explain that the Cherub sites on a "small throne of light", made from two OLED frames put together at a right angle, lighting the figure from underneath. It can be placed on shelves, consoles, tables, or wherever you need a significant presence.

Pugnale & Nyleve Cherub photo

The Cherub can be connected wireless to your iOS phone, and comes with an application that can control the mode of lighting. The Cherub uses two Philips GL350 2nd-Gen OLED panels (45 lm/W, 200 lumens brightness each). The Cherub comes in two versions (single-color finished in gold and two-colors in black color and gold or black and scarlet). The Cherub costs €5,700, but is currently offered for the special launch price of only €3,990. More information can be found here.

Feel lab PACO wall light

Feel Lab's PACO Organic Wall Light is a wall-mounted OLED lamp. It is made from a wooden magnetic base and four panels. Three of them are simply transparent and one is an OLED panel (Lumiotec P04, 97.6 x 97.6 mm) and one transparent panel (non illuminated). You can change the location of the panels (they clip magnetically to the base).

Feel lab PACO wall light photo

The Wall Light is now available in Japan for ¥37,800 (about $377 USD) and will be marketed overseas in the future as well. Here's a nice video showing this interesting lamp in action: