KDDI Corp. will shortly launch a mobile phone featuring an active matrix organic EL panel as its primary display. The display is a 2.4-inch, 260,000-color panel with 320 x 240 (QVGA) resolution. The main reason that commercial release of a handset incorporating an organic EL panel became a reality is that "the panel has finally secured the reliability required for commercial application".

The KDDI spokesperson said the organic EL panel's thickness is "around 1 mm." Compared to 1.3- to 1.4-mm thickness of most LCD panels mounted on current mobile phones, "The organic EL panel made a great contribution to the thin and smart design of the handset as well".

This handset is manufactured by Kyocera Corp. The supplier of the organic EL panel has not been specified. However, some experts suggested the possibility that Kyocera, who develops active matrix panels in house, developed it by their own.

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This might also be a Samsung
This might also be a Samsung SDI AMOLED.
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