Innovatrics releases Fingera, fingerprint based time attendance system for the small to medium business sector. Fingera is a fingerprint based system to collect employee time and attendance information, which represents a simple yet powerful alternative to badge and password based systems. These are, due to their portability, very often subject to fraud and can be lost, forgotten or shared within employees.

Fingera consists of two parts - The software part, entirely designed and developed by Innovatrics runs on standard Windows based PC. For full functionality, Innovatrics uses hardware developed by their partners, fingerprint scanner from DigitalPersona and Optimus Mini Three keyboard from ArtLebedev.

Optimus Mini Three is used as a complementary device for improved interactivity between users and the system without needing to use PC screen, mouse or keyboard. This allows the computer to be used for a regular work and all the interaction is done via Optimus Mini Three keyboard.

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