Creative Technology announced its smallest music video player to date – the MuVo Vidz, available in 512MB and 1GB measuring a mere 32 x 66 x 15.7 mm and weighs only 33g. Despite its diminutive size, this player packs a punch.

Creative MuVo Vidz is one of the trendiest player supporting music video playback and photo viewing. The player is equipped with a high-quality 65K color (1.18-inch) OLED display for music video playback as well as photo viewing, and supports up to 10 hours of continuous playing time for music tracks.

As a versatile portable music video player, the MuVo Vidz accepts a wide range of formats. It can save and play WMA/MP3 files, video in MPEG-4 format as well as displaying JPG images on its colour display.

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