From initial impressions, the ASTONE Xinc AV portable video player (PVP) seems like an ordinary miniature audio player with a colored screen. Small it may be, it still deserves attention because you are looking at one of the smallest portable video players in the market with a 1.2-inch OLED display. This player is capable of playing back video, music, radio, displaying photos and even documents saved in *.txt format. Besides various playback related functions, it also has a line-in jack and built-in microphone for recording purposes. From the looks of things, this PVP is by far the most feature packed all-in-one device we have seen to date in such a tiny form factor.

Since the Xinc's highlight is video playback functionality, a video converter program called Transcoder is bundled in to help user resize and re-format Mpeg4, DivX and AVI contents into a proprietary format. Though it is interesting to have video playback in such a small player, making sense of video content at times was difficult and it didn't help that the OLED screen was not bright enough for outdoor uses. Besides video playback, its screen can also be used as a photo viewer for JPEG files. Larger photos are automatically shrunk to populate the small 1.2-inch screen, but again, due to the size of the screen it was hard to make out details, if not at all.

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