The Optimus OLED Keyboard by Russian design studio Art Lebedev is rivaling the Sony PS3 in anticipation under programmers and gamers in 2006. This week you will be able to pre-order the Optimus mini featuring three OLED screen keys.
The Optimus mini features three color (262k) OLED screens measuring 20x20mm with a 96x96 pixel resolution. Animations with 5fps are supported as well. Overall measurements are 118x51.8x18mm.

The keys carrying the OLED screen measure 32x32mm. With the Optimus Configurator for Windows software the buttons can be freely customized. The company plans to support other OS in the future. Art Lebedev example uses for the Optimus mini are eMail indicator, Powerpoint remote, iTunes remote or RAM and CPU indicators. It is basically like having Apple Widgets on Keyboard keys. The Optimus Keyboard needs Apple OS support urgently.
The full OLED Optimus keyboard is planned to be released end of 2006. The Optimus mini keyboard sells for $100 for a limited time. Shipment starts May 15th.

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