OLED TV prices keep falling: LG's 55" curved FHD TV now down to $3,299 in the US

Next month it's going to be one year since LG launched their curved OLED TV in the US (for $14,999). LG kept lowering the price of this TV, and today I found out that it is being sold on Amazon.com for $3,299. That's an almost 80% price drop in less than a year!

In fact, LG's OLED TV now costs less than Samsung's curved 4K LED-LCD TV, the UN55HU9000 (which sells on Amazon today for $3,497). So now you can choose - a sharper curved 4K LCD or a FHD OLED with its infinite contrast, better colors and slimmer design.

Of course I hope you won't have this dilemma for a long time as LG will hopefully soon release 4K OLEDs in the US. These 4K TVs will surely cost more than the company's FHD TVs, though.

It's great to see those lower prices from LG, and all that before the company's M2 production line goes into mass production later this year- which should drop prices even further as capacity will increase by four time and yields should improve, too. 

Posted: Jul 28,2014 by Ron Mertens


i'd get it in a sec if it wasn't curved.