An interesting report in Business Korea discloses that the price competition between high-end LCD and rigid (glass-based) OLED displays is intensifying. Both LCD and OLED display makers are struggling to win orders from low-end and mid-range smartphone makers, and as a result prices are declining.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro (2017) photo

In 2016 several new LCD plants have started operations ,which resulted in a large increase in LTPS LCD capacity - and thus lower prices. BK states that a smartphone LCD is now around 5$ cheaper compared to an OLED, which puts pressure on SDC and other AMOLED producers to lower prices.

According to DSCC, the average price of a 5.5" FHD LCD is about $27, down from $35 in 2016. A comparable OLED is priced at $34 ($7 higher than the LCD), down from $39 in 2016. DSCC expects the price of OLEDs to fall further in 2017 to almost reach a price parity with LCDs.

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