Idemitsu OLED Materials Europe
Basel, Switzerland

Idemitsu OLED Materials Europe, a newly created subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. based in Basel, Switzerland, is looking for an OLED material scientist.

Job Description:

  • Your main responsibility is to study the physical characteristics of new OLED materials through evaluation of OLED devices (electrical and spectroscopic) and enter into structure/property relationship discussion with your chemistry colleagues in order to design new materials for our customers
  • You will develop concepts and conduct experimental plans for OLED device fabrication and measurement under consideration of projects, targets, customer requirements, risks, and timelines
  • You will work in a dynamic (newly created company with challenging business targets), interdisciplinary (chemistry, physics, engineering) and international team (currently 9 different nationalities in the company)
  • You will be responsible for a laboratory team consisting of 1 to 3 technicians to support achieving your goals
  • You ensure the operability of the lab, tools and equipment

Your profile:

  • You have earned a PhD degree in physics or material science (on organic semiconductor materials)
  • You already have academic and/or professional experience in organic electronics. You have a good understanding of chemical structures
  • You are able to work in a result driven environment with strong customer focus, flexible to change priorities and work with tight deadlines
Contact details:
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