OLED lighting prototypes shown in Tokyo's Lighting exhibition

Several companies are exhibiting new OLED lighting panels at the Lighting Fair 2009, in Tokyo.

Japan's Research Institute for Organic Electronics (RIOE) showed an OLED panel with 5,000cd/m2 luminance and only 15W power consumption (that's 15lm/W, like a incandescent bulb). They also showed a transparent OLED window (70% transparent).

RIOE transparent OLED windowRIOE transparent OLED window

Lumiotec, the Japanese joint-venture, had 1.9mm thick OLED panels on show. They actually plan to start making samples of those devices by fall 2009. 

Lumiotec thin OLED panelLumiotec thin OLED panel

Panasonic actually displayed an even thinner panel - only 1mm. They think that OLED lighting will be ready within 2 years, but it will take much longer (10 years) for it to be used main lighting.

Panasonic OLED lighting panelPanasonic OLED lighting panel

Philips exhibited their Lumiblade OLED panels. They recently built a new plant in Aachen, Germany, to make those panels.  

Philips Lumiblade OLED panel prototypePhilips Lumiblade OLED panel prototype
Posted: Mar 04,2009 by Ron Mertens