LG Chem collaborated with Korean 3D printer maker 3D-Box to show how easy it is to produce an OLED lamp with 3D printing:

LG Chem is one of the world's OLED lighting leaders and is producing several OLED panels including the world's first truly-bendable panels - only a few weeks ago they announced 406x60 mm plastic-based bendable panels. Last month LG Display announced it acquired LG Chem's OLED lighting unit for $142 million in a bid to consolidate LG's OLED technologies and manufacturing capabilities.



3D printing paired with OLED tech - brilliant !

This is one of those things that make sense on multiple levels.

Thanks for the ongoing posts like this Team OLED-info.com

No longer Hip to be Square

Enuf with the squares!!  When will we break the confines of initial production BOX? Even an overlay onto the square would bring fresh air.  SOMETHING.  

Yes, let's waste energy by

Yes, let's waste energy by blocking light just to look "hip"!