Report publishing date: 
April 2011

This NanoMarkets report analyzes the market opportunities and developments for OLED lighting in Asia and considers both the demand side of equation and the growth of an OLED supply structure in each of the countries considered.

The reports details the patterns of adoption of LED lighting and the regulatory environment for each country - and see what that means for OLED lighting market prospects. The report includes an eight year market forecast. Nanomarkets also considers whether there will be an eventual shift of OLED lighting manufacturing to China and how the impact of the natural and nuclear disasters in Japan will impact the prospects for OLED lighting going forward.

Key findings from the report:

  • The market opportunities in Asia for OLED lighting will generate $2.1 billion by 2016
  • Japan will dominate the OLED lighting business through 2014 despite lingering issues from the earthquake and tsunami. Japanese consumers have greeted LED lighting enthusiastically and will do the same as OLED lighting gets onto retail shelves. Meanwhile, Japanese firms are taking up key positions in every part of the worldwide OLED lighting supply chain from design and manufacture through to wholesale distribution. Sales of OLED lighting in Japan are expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2016.
  • The addressable market for OLED lighting in China is limited and NanoMarkets expects the Chinese OLED lighting market to reach $420 million by 2016. OLED lighting markets and manufacturing in China are expected to benefit from current Chinese industrial policy which emphasizes the need to develop high-tech industries to serve the domestic Chinese market.
  • Korea is early in its embrace of OLED lighting and NanoMarkets predicts sales of only $230 million by 2016. But, the influence of both Samsung and LG cannot be understated as both have made a strong commitment to OLED lighting and NanoMarkets notes how Samsung’s strong international brand has brought OLED displays into the mainstream. The firm sees great potential for OLED lighting from Samsung’s involvement in the technology.
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