I'm happy to announce the third edition of The OLED Handbook, the most comprehensive resource on OLED technology, industry and market - now updated for 2013. This industry changes very fast, and this new edition includes in-depth information on LG's OLED TVs, the upcoming flexible OLED panels, updated OLED fabs, displays and roadmaps and details on over 20 new companies.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology and materials and production processes
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD and Plasma displays
  • Samsung's newest Super AMOLED panels, LG's OLED TV and other displays on the market
  • The OLED lighting technology, what's available today and what's in store for the future
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead

The book also provides:

  • A history of OLED development
  • A guide to OLED investment
  • A comprehensive list of OLED companies
  • A list of existing and planned AMOLED fabs
  • OLED lighting roadmaps

What's new in the 2013 edition?

  • Updated OLED gadgets, panels, fabs and roadmaps
  • Info on LG's OLED TVs, and Samsung's upcoming ones
  • New OLED lighting panels and displays release in the past year
  • Over 20 new companies added
  • And more!

The OLED handbook has been read by hundreds of display engineers, business developers, researchers, equipment vendors, OLED material companies, private investors and others who wished to learn more about OLEDs today and in the future. I truly believe that it is the best introduction to OLED displays and lighting!

Praise for the OLED Handbook:

"It is amazing that you can access to this valuable information for only $97. Thanks, Ron." Stephen Lee Ph.D, PnL Consulting Group

"Ron Mertens' book is definitely worth the read...A must have for everyone working in the industry." Dietmar Thomas, Philips Lumiblade

"The OLED Handbook is a great work, and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the OLED market." Dan Tang, Macquarie Securities

"This book is exactly what I wanted..." Larry Shiu-Lun Lai (PhD), The University of Hong Kong

The OLED Handbook 2013 edition can be downloaded now for $97 USD (via Paypal or credit card). To secure your copy simply click here. Existing digital-copy customers are entitled to a 50% discount. If you did not receive your upgrade coupon, contact us to get one. The hardcopy printed version costs $149.99 and can be ordered through our publisher.

For more information, and to order your copy today, visit The OLED Handbook info page.

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