One of the major problems with OLED materials is that they are very sensitive to oxygen and moisture. This means that OLEDs need to be protected, and the encapsulation of OLED panels is one of the major obstacles towards efficient mass production of flexible OLED panels.

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Do you have further details on the UniversalBarrier technology?


Isn't it also a PECVD-based process or something completely different? Did they acquire this technology also from Princeton University? Is UDC still actively working on it?



Host Centre barrier film

The Holst Centre has shown some very interisting results on their flexible barrier. I believe this is work they have been doing together with Philips, Roth & Rau and Rolic. They have even shown R2R barrier foils somewhere. Does anybody know if this technology is close to commercialization? How mature is this technology? It would be also good to know which substrates they are using (PEN/PET/PI?).

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