Novaled announced that they will be showing new OLED luminaries at the L+B 2012 show next week. They will be showing three new luminaries: a suspension light (“Linfinity“), a wall light (“Lucentury”) and a floor light (“Trinity”). These lamps include transparent OLEDs and are made from high-end, lightweight, stable and indestructible carbon fiber. Novaled will also show the Victory lamp in a wide range of colors.

Novaled also revealed a new lamp design called the PAD (named after the pad-like fingers of the red-eyed tree frog) - shown above. Here three transparent white OLED panels are used, but interestingly, when the panels are turned off, each will filter the ambient light to be in a different color (see on the right image above). The PAD was designed by Marcus Tremonto.

We're not sure, but we think that Novaled are using OLED panels produced at COMEDD.

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