Novaled developed a 10x10 cm OLED lighting panel using Cambrios' ClearOhm transparent electrode material

Novaled and Cambrios have jointly developed a metal grid free 10x10 cm OLED lighting panel that uses Cambrios silver nanowire ClearOhm transparent electrode material. ClearOhm is used instead of the ITO that is usually used.

Cambrios says that ITO's limited conductivity (20 ohms/sq on glass and 50-100 ohms/sq on flexible plastic film) leads to considerable voltage drops over lengths larger than 2 centimeters. This means that metal grids are required on top of the ITO (you can see such lines in some OLED panels, for example on the Osram Orbeos). ClearOhm has a low resistance (5 ohms/sq with greater than 90 percent transmission) independent on the carrier substrate.

Cambrios says that their material is also cheaper than ITO, and in addition it enables higher-quality OLEDs (with improved angle dependence of color). Cambrios is also collaborating with Plextronics on OLED lighting electrodes. In February 2012 Samsung ventures invested $5 million in Cambrios.

Posted: Apr 15,2013 by Ron Mertens