Novaled celebrates its new premises corner stone foundation, OLED-Info pays a visit to its current one

In January 2017 Novaled started constructing its new fab and office buildings in Dresden, that will comprise of a renovated old mill that will be turned into a prestigious office building and a new 110-meter long R&D plant with state-of-the-art research areas, laboratories and clean rooms. Today Novaled celebrates the corner stone foundation for the new company premises.

Novaled's future Dresden HQ (render, 2017)

Samsung's decision to invest over €25 in the property purchase and construction shows the Korean OLED developer commitment to Novaled. The site's total space will be 10,200 m² - the old mill, which is under monument protection, will be renovated and transformed into a prestigious office building. and a 110 meter long new R&D plant will be built - and it will include research area, clean rooms and new laboratories.

In May 2017, Novaled's marketing and communication team were kind enough to have us over for a visit at Novaled's current office and labs. Novaled develops organic OLED stack materials, with a focus on ETL and HTL materials and dopants and the company's materials are used by all major OLED producers. Novaled says it is the only supplier of organic dopants for commercial OLED displays and lighting panels. In 2013 Novaled was acquired by Samsung for €260 million and the company is now a subsidiary of Samsung SDI.

Novaled OLED showroom liternity lamps photo

Our visit included a tour of Novaled's OLED showroom, which mostly shows OLED lighting prototypes and also the company's Liternity OLED lamp line which was introduced in 2011 as a way to validate OLED lighting.

We also visited Novaled's chemistry and device labs. The company is constantly looking for new materials and this requires a complicated testing cycle to find out the performance of those materials - and to make sure that these are suitable for production processes. These labs were impressive - but the new ones that are being built now are set to be even more so.

Novaled OLED showroom prototype 2

Here's a big thank-you for all our friends at Novaled, and hopefully we will be able to visit the new offices and labs next year...

Novaled OLED showroom prototype 3

Posted: Jun 12,2017 by Ron Mertens