Plastic Logic logoUpdate: It turns out that Plastic Logic didn't actually demonstrate the flexible OLED prototype. They did show a presentation, in which they revealed that the current first-gen prototype is monochrome (red) and quite simple. They do intend to keep producing new demonstrators throughout 2014.

Novaled (owned by Samsung) and Plastic Logic announced that during 2014 they will demonstrate truly flexible, plastic, full-organic AMOLED displays. The first-gen display was demonstrated at the FlexTech conference in Phoenix last week. Plastic Logic hopes that the technology will be ready for adoption by display makers towards the end of 2014.

The two companies say that this is the first time an all-plastic AMOLED produced in a low-temperature manufacturing process is demonstrated. The display uses Novaled's PIN OLED materials and Plastic Logic's OTFT backplane. The display also used organic materials from Merck (probably the emitters).



organic materials from Merck

(probably the emitters) 

Would you happen to Know just what the life times, cie etc. of their RGB OLED emitters  might happen to be.

I can't find any stats about their mysterious OSC (organic semiconductor materials)?


Sorry, I don't have any such

Sorry, I don't have any such info about Merck's materials used in this demo

Fully plastic AMOLED with OTFT backplane

The white OLED video shown at FlexTech used the Merck material as the organic semiconductor in the backplane, not as the emitter.  A high mobility semiconductor is required for the pixel electronics in an OLED display, and making this layer organic (as well as the emitter materials) is the real breakthrough as it fully enables the flexibility and industrial benefits of OLED displays.      If you have any other questions please contact us at


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