Article last updated on: Aug 13, 2018

Nokia E7 to start shipping on December 10th

Update: The E7 has been delayed till 'early 2011'

Nokia has announced today (on Twitter) that the E7 will start shipping next month (December 10th). The E7 is a QWERTY slider running Symbian^3 and has a 4" Clear-Black AMOLED (640x360) display. Other specs include a 8mp camera (720p video), 16MB flash memory, W-Fi and GPS.

iSupply: The 3.5" AMOLED in the Nokia N8 costs $39.25 (including the touch overlay)

iSupply has performed a teardown of Nokia's N8, and they say that the most expensive part is the display which costs $39.25. This includes the 3.5" AMOLED and the touch overlay. The whole phone costs $187.47 to build (and it costs $549 to buy unlocked...). The AMOLED is made by Samsung of course, while the touch layer is made by Synaptics.

Back in July, iSupply estimated that the 3.7" AMOLED in the Droid Incredible costs $31.2. We're not sure if that included the touch overlay, but in any case it's strange - the price has changed considerably. Perhaps Samsung is now charging higher prices for AMOLEDs...

Nokia's C7 starts shipping

Nokia announced that the C7 smart phone has started shipping for €335 ($430) around the world. The Nokia C7 is running on Symbian^3, and has a 3.5" AMOLED display and a 8mp camera that can record 720p video. Other features include 8GB of memory, GPS and Wi-Fi.

Nokia C7

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