Rumors about an Apple OLED TV started circulating in 2011, and every so often we hear another report that suggests that such a TV will be released soon. Yesterday The Korea Herald that a local Korean company (which can only be LG Display) produced 65" OLED sample panels for Apple.

Apple's reported plan is to launch the OLED TV in 2015, but the plans aren't final. It seems that Apple originally hoped to start shipping around 2 million 65" and 77" LCD TVs in 2014 - but the company was not happy with the LCD display quality and have decided to shift to OLED panels. Apple is also still struggling to sign agreement with content providers.

The main problem with this rumor, as always, is the OLED production capacity. LG Display's is the leading OLED TV maker, and their capacity will not be enough for apple. LGD's upcoming M2 Gen-8 fab (which is scheduled to start producing panels towards the end of 2014) will have a capacity of 26,000 substrates - or about 150,000 55" OLED panels per month. LGD's yield is still very low, so even if they committed all of their capacity for Apple (which is not very likely) they will only be able to produce a few tens of thousands of TV panels per month.

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