New rumors about Apple's 2nd-Gen OLED iPad, still seems unlikely

There are some new rumors about Apple's 2nd-Gen iPad, that will use 5.6" and 7" AMOLED displays. According to the rumors, the iPad 2 will be launched at 4Q 2010. A new 9.7" version will also be released, with some "minor" changes, and will still use an IPS-LCD. The smaller iPads will mainly target the e-reader market.

While it's true that OLED costs are expected to drop, it's still unlikely that Apple will find a supplier that can make enough OLED displays. Samsung can't keep up with current demand for smaller displays (4" or less), and their new plant will not be ready by the July 2011. There are other companies working on new OLED plants (LG, AUO, TPO) but these will also not be able to meet Apple's demand.

Posted: Jul 13,2010 by Ron Mertens


I do not think the OLED display is suitable for reading e-books, but for watching movies etc. I mean OLED has very excellent device for the motion pictures bassically because of very high contrast, quick response, but for the static image, like e-books. It would be very nice if the OLED-iPad could have a function of adjusting the contrast manually in reading books. Anyway it must be excellent device for other field of iPad's own way. I am very wellcome of OLED-iPad!